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What is the license for symbols and footprints?
What is the license for symbols and footprints?

License for symbols and footprints

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The license for individual CAD symbols and footprints allows you use them in commercial and non-commercial manufactured designs without attribution or other license restrictions (details below).

Individual CAD symbols and footprints on SnapMagic are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA) with the Design Exception 1.0. This license allows designers to use CAD files downloaded from SnapMagic for commercial and personal use free of charge, and make derivative works. If CAD files, or derivatives thereof, are shared publicly, attribution must be given to the source (SnapMagic and the original author, as applicable), as outlined by the requirements of the license.

Use of the SnapMagic website is governed by the Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use.

In short, you cannot use the SnapMagic website for the purpose of sharing the content on the Internet or within an EDA tool, but otherwise you are free to use the files for designs.

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