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How to upload symbols and footprints?
How to upload symbols and footprints?

Guide on how to upload and share your libraries on SnapMagic

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If you want to share your library with the SnapMagic community, there are two ways to upload a library: One is uploading an Eagle(.lbr) file and it will be automatically converted into the design tools that we support (Altium, Kicad, Orcad/Allegro, and PADS).

The other one is uploading native files from Altium, Kicad, Orcad/Allegro, or PADS and will ONLY be available for the same design tool you have uploaded. 

For example, if you uploaded a file for Altium, the file will only be available for Altium.

NOTE: Please make sure that the part that you are going to upload has the same part number as the one on our part page. Or else, it will not be integrated with our part page. Additionally, the libraries should only have 1 device and 1 footprint per part (multiple symbols are allowed).

Follow these steps on how to upload and share your libraries:

  1. On the top right corner of the page, highlight your cursor on your profile and click Upload Parts.

2. Upload your libraries.

A. For uploading Eagle libraries: 

     a. Click Upload and Convert.

     b. Click Choose File and browse for your file.
​         NOTE: Formats supported: .lbr and .zip.
c. Click Upload Library.

B. For uploading other formats:

     a. Click Upload.

     b. Fill in the Manufacturer.
     c. Select format.(Altium, Kicad, Orcad/Allegro, Pulsonix, PADS)
     d. Select type. (Footprint only or Symbol and Footprint.
     e. Click Choose File and browse for your file.
          NOTE: Native files should be in .zip format.
      f. Click Upload.

List of native formats:

  1. Altium - .intlib

  2. KiCad - .lib, .mod, .kicad_mod

  3. Orcad/Allegro - .olb, .dra

  4. PADS - .asc

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