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How to import to Proteus 8.8?
How to import to Proteus 8.8?

Guide to import Proteus 8.8 using PADS/DxDesigner format

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SnapEDA officially supports Proteus 8.9, but there is a way to import parts into Proteus 8.8 by downloading our PADS/DxDesigner format. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can import it:

  1. On any part page, click Download Symbol and Footprint, choose the format for PADS/DxDesigner

     2. Open your Proteus 8.8
     3. Click Schematic Capture.
     4. Click on Library > Import Parts
5. Click Select File. Browse for the downloaded .zip file then click Open.
     6. Click Import Part. Follow the prompts then click Close.

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