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How to import a 3D model in KiCad?
How to import a 3D model in KiCad?

Guide on how to import a 3D step model in KiCad

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Note: when downloading the symbol and footprint from SnapMagic, the step file for it will be included in the zip folder if the 3D model is available.

To import a 3D model in KiCad:

  1. In the PCB Editor, select the footprint you want to add the 3D model

  2. Right-click on the footprint and select Properties...

   3. A pop-up window will show. Select the 3D Settings tab.

   4. Select the folder icon shown below the image navigate to your downloaded .stp file for the part, and click OK.

Note: For older versions, you may not see the folder icon. Simply click Add 3D Shape button.

   5. Once imported, you can now adjust the orientation of the 3D model until it fits in the footprint. Then click OK.

   6. Go to Viewer > 3D Viewer and notice that you have successfully imported the 3D model.

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