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Does SnapMagic support .epw and .bxl files?
Does SnapMagic support .epw and .bxl files?

Instead of supporting .epw and .bxl files, SnapMagic supports native PCB design file formats for a seamless experience.

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Occasionally engineers ask us if we support .epw and .bxl file formats.Β 

The great thing about SnapMagic is that you don't need those intermediary files to import symbols & footprints. Since SnapMagic exports symbols & footprints into the native file format used by your PCB design tool, no intermediary software is needed!

Simply search for the electronic component you need symbols and footprints for, download it, and directly import into your design tool of choice. We even have plugins that will allow you to search and import right inside your design tool! πŸ™ŒΒ 

Here are the native file formats supported by each tool:

Allegro - *.dra
​Altium - *.intlib
​Eagle - *.lbr
​KiCad - *.lib and *.kicad_mod
​OrCad - *.olb
​PADS - *.p , *.c and *.d
​PCB123 - *.snapeda
​Proteus - *.pdif

Our mission at SnapMagic is to help you design faster. So making your design experience as seamless as possible is extremely important to us! If you have any ideas to help us improve, we're all ears!

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