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How to whitelist the SnapMagic domain in Gmail
How to whitelist the SnapMagic domain in Gmail

A guide on how to whitelist the SnapMagic domain in Gmail so that you will surely get our emails directly to your inbox.

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There are some users who don't receive important emails from SnapMagic. These emails could be a verification email, a password reset, notification from requests, updates, etc and it could be really frustrating when you don't receive important emails like this. 

I know that email services like Gmail only want to protect you from unwanted emails but it could be a problem when you're expecting an important email and Gmail is mistaking it as a Spam. Here is how you can whitelist Snapmagic domain:

  1. In your Gmail, click the small arrow in the Search Box

   2. The Search Option will show up. Type in "" in the From box, then click Create filter.

   3. Check the box for Never send it to Spam then click on Create filter.

Once the filter has been created, you now have successfully whitelisted the SnapMagic domain and start receiving those important emails that you need.

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