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How to Import an OLB File into Concept HDL?
How to Import an OLB File into Concept HDL?
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Note: This process works on Cadence Allegro PCB Librarian 16.6 and later versions.

1. After selecting a part on SnapMagic, click on the Download Symbol and Footprint button.

2. Select OrCAD / Allegro from the list.

3. Import the EDIF file in Orcad using this tutorial. This generates the .olb format that imports into ConceptHDL.
​4. Open Project Manager.

4. Under Cadence Product Choices, select Allegro PCB Librarian XL (PCB Librarian Expert), then click OK.

5. After creating or opening a project, click Tools > Library Tools > Import > Orcad Capture to Design Entry HDL.

6. On the Import from Capture to Design Entry HDL window, click the button.

7. On the Select Capture Library window, click Open.

8. Click OK to confirm.

9. You will receive a notification that the import is successful. Click OK.

10. Go to Tools > Library Tools > Part Developer to use the symbol.

11. The symbol can now be used on ConceptHDL!

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