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How to import into Diptrace?
How to import into Diptrace?

Guide on how to import symbols & footprints into Diptrace

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Follow these steps to import symbols and footprints into DipTrace:

  1. Open the DipTrace Launcher.

  2. Select Component Editor.

  3. Go to Library > Library Setup

  4. On the Library Setup window, click Add and name it SnapEDA Library, make sure the Components and Patterns option is marked, and click OK.

    **NOTE: You can select Components Only if you'd like to import only the symbol or Patterns Only if you'd like to import only the footprint.

  5. Click on the arrow next to Components and select the SnapEDA Library you just created.

  6. Right click on the space under SnapEDA Library and select Add Library to “SnapEDA Library”

  7. Click Add from File, select and find the .eli file you downloaded from SnapEDA, choose OK.

  8. The symbol and footprint will now appear under the SnapEDA Library on the Schematic Capture and PCB Layout.

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