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How to run the attribution app from the Analytics Dashboard?
How to run the attribution app from the Analytics Dashboard?

ROI match analysis attributed to SnapMagic downloads

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You can now find a way to match your purchases to previous discovery downloads on SnapMagic.

Our proprietary attribution technology contacts SnapMagic server to compare your POS entries to match previously downloaded orderable part numbers on SnapMagic.

How it works:

  1. Measure the total of purchases that can be attributed to SnapMagic downloads.

Log in to your SnapMagic account and go to your Analytics Dashboard:

You can find the menu 'Analytics' in your profile menu shown when hovering over your profile. If this option isn't available for you it's because we haven't assigned you

Upload your POS data.

  1. POS file format requirements

    To start matching your purchase data to previous downloads made on SnapMagic you'll need to adjust your POS sales data to our Attribution App readable file. Please follow the structured below before uploading your file.

    These are the headers you'll need to use for your .csv file

    • part_number*

    • customer_email_address*

    • customer_first_name

    • customer_last_name

    • customer_company*

    • customer_city_name

    • customer_country_name

    • customer_postal_code

    • price*

    • purchase_date

      * Fields with * are mandatory fields

      Preview of sample data

      Here's a file you can use as a template

  2. Start attribution app process
    Find the ROI section in the dashboard and click on 'Get Started' to open the upload window.

  3. Select your POS file to match against SnapMagic downloads

    Browse in your files and upload your POS data in the format required (See POS file format requirements below).

  4. See the preview of your data

    You can check the data uploaded before starting your match analysis

Run the attribution app

After you check the data uploaded is ready, click on 'Start Analysis'. The data will be matched against user download information that is stored on SnapMagic without sharing either party's information.

  1. While the app is running: You might see the progress bar when the match analysis is taking place. However, most processes take short times so this bar might not always appear

  2. When the matching progress is done: A file with the resuls will be sent to your email (same as registered for the SnapMagic account).

  3. Understanding the results: This file contains the same information uploaded and some additional columns with matching results appended on the right:

    1. Hashed results: These are the way the app anonymizes the data from both sides (POS and SnapMagic download data) before matching it.

    2. 'Search_term' column: Shows the search term used by the user to find the part and then download it. This information will only show up if a match is found.

    3. 'Download_date' column: Shows the date when the model for the part purchased occurred on SnapMagic. This is particularly useful to understand typical design cycle.

    4. 'Match_type' coumn: types of matches the app is able to find

      1. Person Match (E1): Match Exact Email

      2. Person Match (E2): Match email's username with SnapMagic's username

      3. Person Match (E3): Match whole name (First + Last)

      4. Company Match (C1): Match company's name

      5. Company Match (C2): Match between company's name and email's domain

      6. Company Match (D1): Match between email's domains

      7. Location Match (L2): Match with Customer City

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